Thursday, 22 January 2015


We have recently carried out a survey of pupils trying to gather data about how they are currently using mobile phones and how they would like to use them in the future.  Some of the results were surprising.
Results of pupil survey

I love the honesty of some of the students!

Where does this information lead us?  Should we be allowing the students more flexibility with regard to mobile technology?

We did a similar survey with the parents of YR 9 pupils.  The sample in this was small (and therefore probably not significant) but the range of their responses was dramatic.  Some parents thought that it was ridiculous that we aren't allowing their daughters to use their phones.  One parent mentioned the missed opportunity for acquiring skills.  Some parents didn't like the idea of the students using their own equipment, but were happy for them to be using mobile technology.  At the other extreme, there were parents who thought that no mobile technology should be used in school at all and that personal equipment shouldn't be brought to school, let alone used.

How do we square this circle?

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