Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Project Update

Digital Champions

For this project I have focussed on developing the pupil voice and contribution to developing digital literacy in the school. Four digital champions (two from Yr 12 and two from Yr 13) have been appointed following a selection process involving letters of application and interview. Among the ideas raised through this process, a few stood out as potential developments. The champions wanted to support the pupils in their homework clubs with responsible use of technology (eg advising on the latest Facebook security settings and how to safely set up a new mobile phone). They were also keen on setting up a coding club and a Minecraft club.

To date, the champions have established their own page in the school magazine in order to begin with the work of launching the initiatives noted above. They have also created a game using Greenfoot in Java (I'm assured!) to mark Safer Internet Day. This involved the player gathering key phrases or terms across three levels (1. creating content; 2. Communicating effectively and 3. responsible use of technology). All pupils in the school were encouraged to play the game as a starter activity during lessons on Safer Internet Day. Some are still sneakily having a go when they can!

In order to ensure some sustainability with the digital champions, we have opened applications up to KS4 pupils. This will be followed by KS3 pupils in the not too distant future. We are about to formally appoint our KS4 champions (although I can say that a fellow digital leader's recommendation following a successful work experience placement at a neighbouring school has proved very useful - thanks Liz!).

So, seemingly small steps but it must be noted that working with the fellow digital leaders under the capable stewardship of Sangeet has proved invaluable in promoting a balanced outlook within the school in terms of digital literacy - considering content creation alongside effective and responsible use of technology.