Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hi all.  Thank you for a nice, civilised day today.  It was a refreshing change from my usual working day.
I was asked to put up a blog post about the app and web site that we discussed earlier.

When I went to look for Soundslate, I noticed that they have now updated it and it is called Audioboard.  I thought that I'd better review it first, so I downloaded it and it appears to work in the same way as the old app.  If you are using audio, it allows you to cue your music/ sound effects etc. and they can be played with the tap of a finger.  It really is a good app.  Combine it with Hokusai or GarageBand and you can edit your sound files or get the students to record their own.  It can enhance the children's work and you can pre-record audio questions or prompts for a fun activity.  Naturally, it comes into it's own during s live performance/ assembly.


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