Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June update

Just been weaving digital elements into the whole school development plan. I'll be looking to widen the digital champions to encompass KS3 pupils. This is really encouraging as it shifts a six month trial into a three year plan that builds in a welcome sense of sustainability in a field that always seems to fail to grasp the coat tails of such rapid change and development.

I've really come to appreciate the need to balance innovation and creativity alongside safety and responsible use of technology. This has been one of the greatest benefits to come from this project - working at subtly shifting a slightly risk averse culture towards giving people the courage and support to try things out. We now have half a dozen school Twitter accounts running successfully, leading to improved CPD and further improved communication. From Maths to the Welsh Ethos, pupils and staff are benefitting. It was especially pleasing to see our recent Brazilian Global Partnership being developed through Twitter and Skype. Less, perhaps, because of the technologies being used but more due to the way staff are feeling free to 'have a go'.

Really looking forward to catching up with the digital leaders tomorrow, especially if we can start getting to grips with Digital Competency.


  1. It is great that you are able to link up partnerships across the globe - what opportunities for the students and a chance for you to showcase Welsh culture and language. Have you any connections with our Patagonian cousins?

    1. Yes, we've had staff take a year's sabbatical to teach over in Patagonia. Thanks, you've given me an idea...!

  2. Yes that's cool making global links! I do think that its really important that we do feel free to have a go - and that many staff are held back by these fears - I've just gone for it now! And as a wise man once told me (it was my Dad) "If you always do as you've always done you'll always get what you've already got"