Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Progress update

Since last we met I've:

  • Led a whole-school staff INSET on the use of Ipads in the school (GAFE, Aurasma, QR codes, Chirp and Socrative
  • Continued to integrate Ipads into lessons across the school
  • Setup a committee for driving cross-curricular ICT 
  • Arranged an upcoming sector-leading industry visitor for digital leaders
  • Become a part of a pilot scheme in conjunction with USW, Aspire2Be in driving technology-led lessons across the curriculum
  • At KS3, introduced deeper-thinking lessons on the impact of ICT in our everyday lives
  • Formed an IT working party to decide the curricular and technological pathway for the new school

Looking back, it seems I've done more than I thought, but still much less than I wanted. However, since this has been an exceptionally challenging year, I am happy on the whole, and anticipate the challenge of moving on from this tentative step forward.


  1. This is my second attempt to put a comment here (I'm having a really bad ICT day/ week/ month).
    You have been really busy and put me to shame. Have you encountered any resistance when introducing iPads?

  2. Great work, Al. Look forward to discussing cross curricular (digital competency?!) and developing effective tablet use tomorrow.

  3. Wow, You've been busy Mr. Lewis! Like the visitor Idea - I'm trying to get KS5 on a Amazon Swansea visit atm, not having much luck though!