Monday, 27 June 2016

Ideas generated from today

After today's session I have thought about various things that could be implemented in future at school:
  1. Short Term - Provide lessons for the new year 7 (September) and opportunities to refresh knowledge of other pupils.
  2. Medium Term - Continue with safe internet practices workshops and to introduce new technologies.
  3. Long Term - Development of a positive footprint showcase.
  1. Short Term - Continue with Google Classroom training and produce an audit to see highlight what is going on throughout the school. Make staff aware of the Byron Review.
  2. Medium Term - Create a Digital competency group to ensure that the topic is delivered throughout the school.
  3. Long Term - Development of departmental Blogs, Social Media or Websites.
  1. Short Term - Social media awareness.
  2. Medium Term - Produce newsletters / social media feeds.
  3. Long Term - Create showcase events on different topics.