Monday, 27 June 2016


Its been a number of months since we last attended the Wise Kids training however I have been pretty busy trying to implement my ideas at the PRU.

I have been trialing the use of blogging with a couple of pupils at the PRU and hopefully use those pupils to help me introduce and develop blogging with other classes. Given the specific behavioural difficulties that pupils have who attend the PRU, initially it was a difficult task. I found the main barrier to their learning was their low self esteem and the 'I will never be able to do that' attitude. I broke down the sessions into 30 minute workshops with two pupils rather than a more formal lesson structure which allowed myself and the pupils to problem solve together as a group rather than being too teacher led. This built up their self esteem and promoted a culture of trust between us all. There was no stopping them once they had learnt how to set up a blog and understood the purpose of blogging. The pupils chose the topics of 'off road biking' and 'minecraft' I''m sure that you can see that their interest was captured by the ability to blog about a topic which they had a passion for and were very knowledgeable about!

The pupils created their own blogs and enjoyed the whole experience.

My next step is to roll blogging out to staff at the PRU and see where they take it with their own classes. I will update the blog as it develops in the new academic year.

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