Monday, 27 June 2016

Where are we now

Since the last time we met things has moved on a bit at Lewis School Pengam.  We ran our safer internet programme with both staff and pupils in February to coincide with the UK's safer internet day in which I developed a PowerPoint quiz based upon the popular social media apps that pupils are using. To compliment this we had our police officer coming in to talk to pupils and staff on certain topics depending upon age and a follow up lesson by myself in PSE lessons to reinforce the issues.
The school has invested money in purchasing 40 Chrome books - developing a mobile IT classroom. With more investment being made for September. Every pupil has been introduced to Google Classroom and all staff has received training on the basics.

Plans for the future is to create a digital competency project for year 7 and for them to create a means to show off a positive digital footprint by the time they leave school by either building a website or a blog.