Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014 Digital Leaders Training - day 3

Today was the final day of this section of the training, and like the previous two days, was full of interesting debate, sharing of experiences and as many questions as answers about the future of ICT in schools. The overriding emotion I have from the training is re-invigoration.

Much has been spoken and written about the need to return to a wholesome, good old-fashioned Computer Science curriculum. This way of thinking never really sat right with me; I knew that the current NC orders were tired and hopelessly out of date, but I never believed that a return to a curriculum diet that had been click-dragged to the recycle bin decades ago was the solution. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I think we can all agree that the days of death by PowerPoint are rightfully numbered, and a revamp was needed. But this revisionist thinking that algorithms are a panacea for the ills of the ICT curriculum is myopic at best and plain wrong-headed at worst. What our young need is ICT 2.0, not Computing 1.01. This training, though, was a case in the defence of ICT. Our young are living in a digital world they are ill-prepared for, if they are prepared at all. That the vast majority of them can function in it at all is testament to their resilience and spirit of self-discovery. However, if we teachers, senior managers and policy makers, are brave enough, imaginative enough and prepared to be lead and well as leaders, we can empower our pupils to confidently stake their claim as digital citizens and express themselves in the digital world.

Of course, I am aware that this is just sabre-rattling. Before this can happen, there are battles to be had, hearts and minds to be won over and schemes of work to be cast asunder. But, to be in a position where I can contribute to this is both humbling and a privilege, and I hope I can rise to the challenge.


  1. Alan, thank you for sharing this, and what clear thoughts! You are a natural writer, and have this ability with words to put across your ideas so eloquently! Keeping a blog to record your reflections, learning, challenges as you implement your ideas - this will definitely inspire other people, and allow you to connect with like minded educators. Thank you for sharing! Sangeet :)

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, I'll definitely keep writing my blog as it helps crystallize my thoughts and ideas for development. Al

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  4. Totally agree Alan, whilst I think there's a place for computing in the curriculum I don't agree it should be in place of ICT. As you said the current ICT curriculum is tired and out of touch but I think what we are trying to achieve will motivate and inspire the pupils as it has me and I think all the others in our group.