Thursday, 25 September 2014

Google Hangout

Very helpful hangout just now - thanks all! What seemed like a brief chat, and some fun with 'Draw' has led me to augment my plan with the digital champions. I think I really need to include parents - and might use the school twitter account to test the water. I also really liked the idea of the champions taking assemblies - this will support the planned deployment of champions in the homework clubs. Also, thanks to this group, when setting up the development plan for this element I've deliberately included room for the pupils' input. It seems from some of your experiences, one mistake might be to try and predict or control how the pupils will respond. We've all said how much pupils can surprise and impress us with their ingenuity and enthusiasm. It seems as though, within the sphere of digital literacy this is doubly true. I'll let you know what I learn from interviewing the applicants next week...

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  1. Thanks Lloyd! Nice ideas and look forward to hearing how they pan out. - Sangeet