Tuesday, 23 September 2014

ICT Survey

It's been interesting, and a little eye-opening, to chat to my pupils about their use of ICT. I was thinking of putting together an on-line survey to get qualitative and quantitative data to present to SLT, to add further weight to what we are trying to achieve. Might it be worthwhile to make it a survey of all of our pupils, instead? 
Is anyone else interested in this and would like to contribute to the survey questions?


  1. Great idea, Alan. Perhaps a shared Google Doc would help get ideas from everybody? I used a survey a couple of years ago - totally redundant by now in all honesty!

    1. I agree- it would be valuable. I like Google Survey. The results feed back into a spreadsheet and the analytics are good.

  2. Sounds good Alan and all - happy to share the WISE KIDS research questionnaire - if that will be of interest. Like your idea of a collaborative Google doc Lloyd, which others can comment on/ edit - Sangeet :)