Monday, 15 September 2014

Stu Sheen - 3insightsand1actionpt

3 Insights and 1 Action Point following the first 3 days of the Digital Leaders Programme

Below please find my Audioboo recording.  Comments most welcome :)


  1. You make some very interesting points here. The 'fear' factor is something we need to address. I thought that the data quoted in Sonia Livingston's TED video - see the post from Alan Lewis- was surprising as was her research findings about the effect that 'bad' experiences have on children. Whilst we need to ensure the safety of our students, are we limiting the opportunities that they have? Getting the balance is the key.

  2. Love the points you raise here Stu - the importance of digital literacy and how it encompasses all the other subjects; the need for pupils to understand the platforms they use - how networks operate - and what information is good to share; making mistakes and developing resilience. Love the pupil-centered approach to your action plan too.

    Liz, yes, Sonia Livingstone makes some great points about the fact that opportunities and risks going hand in hand - and that we need to find ways to allow children to have the opportunities, but reduce the likelihood of risk resulting in harm. One way she suggests is positive parental mediation strategies. See this paper: