Friday, 12 September 2014

Re-discovering ict

I've taught ICT for about 15 years, and only in the past few days have I really considered myself an ICT professional. Until then, I think I've been a pretty good teacher, able to create and deliver a scheme of work to fulfil national and local priorities with a good track record of achievement. And that's always been enough for me. I've always been aware that there's a whole world of cool and interesting activities that I could be involved in, but since it's not really been a requirement of the NC, I thought why bother?
However, the digital leaders training so far has proven to be a revelation. Whilst teaching will always, to a greater or lesser extent, be a numbers game, I realised that I have a duty to equip my pupils for the digital world they have been thrust into, rather than just being beholden to out-of-date curriculum orders and performance management tables.
I am looking forward to redefining what ICT is capable of offering to my pupils, my school, and to me.


  1. You're so right! This course really has opened my eyes to - I can completely mirror your sentiments. =]

  2. I agree, the NC is out dated, and the pace at which technology moves it will often struggle to keep up to date. You could argue that maths will always be maths, the core content does not change, but with technology, what is relevant and useful changes almost year by year. This is why I believe that sessions such as digital leaders are very important, where we can meet with our peers, discuss ideas and share links to useful websites etc. This enables us to better equip learners with the skills they need for a ever increasing digital lifestyle.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. We need to embrace change in order to equip our students and to go some way to prepare them for the REAL WORLD.

  4. Totally agree, and I think its great we have all had the opportunity to get together, something we rarely do now with the pressures of teaching. I hope this blog will help us stay in contact and share ideas. I will certainly post anything that has worked with my pupils or any new tool i find which helps motivate and engage pupils, staff and parents!