Wednesday, 17 September 2014

E-safety - forthcoming events and resources

I just took part in an online meeting with SWGFL. It seems as though our second meeting on the 22nd coincides with the launch of a whole raft of resources that look really helpful. We are hoping to pilot the Welsh-language version of one of their items ( ). Has anybody else heard of this? There's also free half-day sessions next week that might be of interest: I don't think we can free anybody, but if someone from the group can go, perhaps we could share findings etc? Apologies if you're already familiar with all of the above! Hope everybody's doing well back in the hurly burly of schools! Lloyd


  1. I think that I am 'coursed out'. I don't think I will be allowed to go on another course for years. If anyone does go, it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

  2. Haha Liz - that just sounded funny - you not being allowed to go on another course for years!
    Lloyd - their 360 tool is excellent. You might remember we spoke about the workshops they are delivering as well this week - WISE KIDS is supporting them in this delivery - and so I will give you all an update when we meet next. The schedule for the Wales delivery is available here: - Sangeet