Tuesday, 21 October 2014

1 Yr Plan to a Digital Revolution! (No guarantee)

Stu Sheen's 1 Year Plan

Where are we now?
As discussed yesterday we have set up a 'Digital Leaders' group in our school.  The group of pupils included pretty much took control of our initial meeting and almost laughed at my ideas and at my attempt to be hip!

So far pupils have divvied up job roles to take on ownership of the project and have completed some tasks towards creating a digital resource that can nurture and provide some light education/entertainment also.

The pupils involved so far felt very strongly about securing an identity for the group which allowed them to be instantly recognised and at the same time distance themselves slightly from school so that if felt completely pupil run even thought this will be for the 'greater good' of the school and will be featured on our front facing school site.

Where could we realistically be in 1 year?
I'm going to look at the outcome like this.  Wherever we will be in 1 year we WILL be in a better place than we are now.  Pupils are positive and enthusiastic so the question I need to answer is how well can we all micro manage our own elements of this project? 

Day 4 Insight
Very much enjoyed being back in the mix of thinking creatively about how we can engage learners in a positive way and I think this will be achieved mainly by harnessing the power of collaboration through the technology platforms (hopefully as neutral as possible) that we can realistically provide as institutions.

I agree with Janine in that only some of the tools will be useful to take back into our own institutions.  Maybe if we can share the resources we have gained via this course and the ones that we will no doubt continue to stumble across then surely, even if one or two are used, these are additional resources for learning and/or productivity that our colleagues and pupils may not have had before.

As a parting gift I would like to share this resource with you all:


  1. Thanks Stu, nice comprehensive elements to the plan!

  2. I like the way that your projects feed into your VLE. Joined up thinking is good - especially for the less confident users. I would love to see how some of our projects would sit on the most up-to-date version of Moodle. My Network Manager has promised that we can explore this, so I will let you know.

  3. I love your ideas Stu.... and i'll admit I've stolen some of them :)

  4. Stealing good ideas is good practice!
    Great that the kids are taking ownership- that's gotta be a way to make them more motivated! Fab, the opportunities makes we want to teach mainstream sometimes, well, for about a minute.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, Janine stealing ideas is fine especially as I may need to come and see Serif!