Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Working with other professionals from around the world.

As part of the work that Trinity Fields has been doing on gesture based technology we have been in contact with many people while using resources for the Kinect sensor.

We had one usable program from Cardiff Met Uni that was in BETA phase and was developed for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder- one pupil had used this program a lot and had great interaction an engagement with it.

But we needed more- to develop this interaction and also because every pupil is different we needed as many interactive programs as possible.

So I set about finding Kinect programs on the web and then contacting developers, programmers, digital artists and companies to ask if we could use their programs (for free!)

About 80% of people contacted responded very positively- and gave advice on installation issues and the technical side of things- none of these programs had been created for our pupils but they worked really well- they had started life as night club software, programmers showing what they could do or as art projects.

So we ended up having to thank:
Davor in California for Visikord (Night club program) Trent Brooks in Sydney for Noise Ink (art installation)Chris Riebschlager in Missouri for Kinect Art (programming business) Adityo Pratomo in Jakarta for Evil Twin and Rainbow Man, (programmer)Amnon Owed in The Hague for Kinect Physics and Flow (creative programmer)

My mother always used to say- if you don't ask you don't get!
So it's good to ask every now and again!
I'm still in contact with most of these people through twitter or email- and one of them is even developing their software further for pupils on the back of our work.
Also we have made links with a university in Finland that I have spoken on-line with at a conference. 

Anthony Rhys

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  1. Wow, inspiring Anthony! The possibilities for connection, networking and learning never cease to amaze me. And you demonstrate with your efforts how such communication can deliver - wow!