Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Radio in Lewis Girls' School

YR11 Radio Project

As part of the launch of our radio station, YR11 students were asked to prepare a show that would be broadcast on the European Day of Languages.  Each student was given a country and they had to carry out some research, script their set, find appropriate music, record their set, edit their set and ensure that it was transferred (in the correct format) for transmission.  Two of the students broadcasted live, on the day itself, using the material created by the class.
Usually, the evaluative part of the project would have been written by the students.  Some of the students find this a challenge so, in the spirit of this audio project, we asked the students to create audio evaluations.
Whilst the results vary in quality, every student participated enthusiastically  (with very little help from staff). They used Audioboo/m, set up and populated their own blog, added my introduction and embedded their audio evaluations. They sent their blog address to the group who funded the project and plan to add to it in the near future - their next task is a radio interview.
Feel free to listen to some of their comments (keep in mind that they are a mixed ability group).


Software and apps used:
Audacity (PC)/ Hokusai (iPads)  Word (PC)/ Pages (iPads)  Google Drive
Excel (PC)/ Numbers (iPads)   iTunes   GarageBand   Dropbox
Radio Zara  Radio streaming software (sorry, I can't remember the name)
Audioboo/m  Blogger  - not too shabby for one project

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