Sunday, 5 October 2014

Since the initial 3 day meeting, going back to the class room has been a blur.  Back to the routine; back to the teaching and back to the marking.  But, most importantly, back with the pupils.

I wanted to bring a some of the ideas of the Digital Leaders course into my class room and I started with Twitter.  Mainly because I have used it a little before, so I felt a little more confident in this area of socail media.  I created a new account for the purpse of the Digital Leader course and also continued to use the school's account for the media dept too.

I really like retweeting some tweets that I find interesting or inspiring - this is a great platform to share good ideas.

I initially started with tweeting statements like ' great class today' and using the hashtag #wkdigiedu as we had been instructed to do.  I also tweeted some of the work from a media class.
My next step was to pilot a hashtag with year 10 media - #ocscooperclan!  So when the pupils tweeted me it would create a sense of  belonging and ownership to the group.

The next idea I had was to record video evaluations/reflections from the pupils in which I intended to tweet.  This is in the early stages for the pupils and we are working on how it can be meaningful for them to reflect through video clips.
However, I soon learnt that I could't tweet these videos directly and that I would have to upload them to either Facebook or YouTube.

I will continue to develop my use of twitter - let's call it work in progress!

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  1. Very good to hear Sue - experimenting is a key part of the learning experience. You and others may also be interested in this video on Twitter in Education: by Alec Couros.