Monday, 20 October 2014

I have downloaded the research article Defining a self-evaluation digital literacy framework for secondary educators: the DitiLit Leicester project - R Hall et al 2014.  I need to look at this in much greater detail, but on first reading it appears to focus on many of the contentious issues that are raised in schools around supporting/ facilitating digital literacy.  Indeed, it questions what is a competent teacher in terms of digital literacy and asks whether we as educators have the necessary skills, practices and knowledge to support learners in this area. 

I was particularly struck by the quote from the Decoding Learning report (Luckin et al 2012) which says that 'teachers have a crucial role in ensuring that promising innovations do not fail in practice'. 

I agree that we need to develop skills if we are to use technology purposefully in classrooms and we are to be positive role models.  I think we, as a group, are going some way towards this but have concerns that the majority of our colleagues may not share our desire to acquire these skills.  If there was a shared, collaborative, social approach to CPD, as outlined in the report, maybe staff would be more willing to adopt the ever-changing technology available to them in the classroom.

The seven significant thematic areas of digital literacy, identified within the report, are an essential starting point.  All staff and students should:
  • Be safe in a digital environment
  • Find, evaluate and apply information
  • Use digital tools
  • Understand social responsibility
  • Showcase achievement
  • Have an awareness of digital identity 
  • Collaborate - education, community and work life


  1. I agree Liz, this new technology is a scary place and many teachers might feel that 'they don't know what they are doing' or 'that the kids don't need their help/insight'.
    It will be interesting to see how our respective schools view the work that we are undertaking and developing.
    Oh, and thanks for the help today... much appreciated! =]