Friday, 17 October 2014

Tweeting in the class room

Just a quick up date on the use of Twitter.  I have to say, I am really enjoying this app as a tool in the classroom. Currently, I am using it with a year 9 English class, a year 10 English class and two year 10 Media classes.
Although it is in the early stages I have had a really positive response from the pupils and this is really encouraging.

On the English side of things, I have used Twitter as a home work tool.  I've set year 10 a home work task where they have to tweet an article that is similar to the topic they are going to do a presentation on for their speaking and listening assessment.  Once that is done they have to retweet a fellow pupil's tweet.  They must use the hastag #ocsengcoops and tag my MrsCin43.

Similar format for year 9 only they have to tweet a description of a character from Romeo and Juliet.  Again they have to retweet a fellow pupil's tweet and use the same hashtag.  As a 'Brucie Bonus' I have asked them to take a photo of the storyboard/comic strip of the story line for the play.

Both classes were keen to participate in the activity.  I was discussing this with a friend in work and he asked  how I would 'police' this and check who has and hasn't done the home work.  Good question, right?  Well it is simple.  Each time I am tagged I get an email, I just tick the name in my planner/class list and I can easily see who has completed their homework.

The Media class is a little different.  We are currently studying Research and one of the pupils mentioned an on line questionnaire.  He did a trail run for me so I could see how it would work.  I have now made my own and tweeted it to see what kind of response it would potentially get.

I'll up date with the results ...

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  1. I think that is a really good initiative. I haven't done anything with Twitter in school at the moment because the students don't have access in school. I know that there are workarounds, but I would love the students to be able to see what we put on Twitter.
    We do have a YR12/ 13 Twitter account, but it is being used for information and the students can only access it on their own devices which they are not allowed to use in the classroom.