Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My one year plan

Here is my one year plan in the form of a mind map.

In terms of where I am at the moment:

  • I have set up a blog initially for pupils in a focus group.
  • I then had a discussion with the SMT within my school about what they thought of the project, ways forward, how it could be implemented etc.
  • I then asked form tutors to ask pupils to 'sign up' if they were interested in becoming a digital ambassador, I had around 30 pupils who wanted to join. I couldn't involve all these as it would be too much to manage so I chose an even spread of boys/girls and evenly from each year group. 
  • I then undertook my first meeting, which basically explained what the group was aiming to achieve. We didn't get much further than that due to time constraints and the Blog was blocked for pupils. However, I have since invited the pupils to become authors of the blog and I am now waiting for Blog posts on questions I have posed to them which I hope to get soon.
  • In the next meeting after half term with the group I aim to get them posting on the blog and I am going to each give them a responsibility for the blog, i.e creating a name for the group, a logo, pages etc. 
  • I am exciting about this project and I think we could make real progress with it, I just hope I can get the pupils enthused and stay enthused :)
In relation to the videos we watched yesterday, for me personally, for my particular project I cant at the moment see a use for them, however, I can see a use more whole school wise, for example, to make better use of the Learning Resource Centre in my own school.


  1. A great plan - in a way this feels very student-centred, like Stu's project idea as well. I guess one of the key points from the 2 videos from yesterday was to be student centred, and let them take the lead, which it seems to me is how you are approaching your plans. Great stuff!

  2. Really good plan, I like the idea of having an pupil led assembly.

  3. Fantastic the progress you have made so far. Well done.