Monday, 20 October 2014

Year one ICT development plan


  1. Love the idea of augmented reality displays!

  2. The app is called Aurasma, and it works really nicely

  3. I've used aurasma- and String is great for an introduction to AR. Here's a load of AR based iPad apps from my iPad blog:
    AR Robot- Free- robot that opens up on a moon marker from:
    Konstruct- AR app that lets you draw a 3d image above the marker as you move iPad:
    Hour Blue- futuristic robot appears on marker from:
    Bunnie Fingers! 3D interactive Easter Rabbit Reality- No Marker needed and best used in open space! Turn it on and virtual bunnies run and bounce around your classroom or where ever you are standing, leaving little muddy pawprints! Get pupils to track them or follow them, find the blue one etc. Super!
    AR Dragons- Free- No marker needed- virtual AR dragons fly around your head, or you can fly one yourself around the room, land it, make it breath fire. Pay to get the full game but it's great as it is too!
    Skinvaders- No marker needed as it uses your own face as the basis for the game, aliens pull your skin and are ‘stuck’ onto you until you squash them off!
    Pocket Jet- Free- Fly an AR plane with your left and right finger touch, it can fly around you, behind you so you've got to turn around to keep it in sight! Again pay for the full game where you shoot other planes but it's fine as it is too!
    Aurasma- This is where YOU come in. You can make your own virtual digital layers over the real world- for making your own AR links to pictures and videos, point iPad at your door and make a picture or video appear of your class working inside! Make AR trails, link a display with photos and videos of the pupils making the display, point it at signs and get a description of what it means- endless possibilities.
    Zappar- AR reader with lots of different markers, although mainly linking to advert/ t shirts etc.
    Morfo- Free- Avatar creator, easy to use, take photo of a face and it turns it into an avatar which can speak recorded sounds and be altered, AR related.
    Action Movie FX- (Free, in-app purchases to extend) Point camera to film a person or scene from a few metres away for a few seconds, save it, then it'll replay it with a layered effect over the top like an action movie- so you can blow up your car, drop a boulder on your PC, fire rockets at the school pets etc. Great attention grabber and intro app to movie making.

  4. Hi Al, I love the idea of raising the profile of the ICT dept. Good luck with that one fella!

  5. Thanks for your feedback everyone, and thanks for the tips Anthony