Thursday, 23 October 2014

Reflections on Day 5

Reflections on Day 5 

I thought that some of the videos that we watched were very valuable and could easily be used in the classroom (for pupils and staff).  I especially liked the video that looked at the impact of social media and the statistics that accompany its use Socialnomics. It seemed to suggest that we have to learn to use social media effectively because it is everywhere.  The choice isn't if we use it, but rather how effectively we use it.  This video would be a really good starting point for discussion in many subject areas.

The Sugata Mitra TED Talks  video about children learning through enquiry  - school in the cloud was also powerful.  In the light of his findings, do we try to teach too much? Should we put more effort into allowing pupils to learn? I loved the idea of bringing communities together through the Granny scheme (or was it Nana).  We undervalue the elderly in our society and they are a tremendous source of knowledge and, in this case, encouragement.

There were so many ideas that were suggested by the group.  The challenge is how do we reduce them to a more manageable number and put them into practice?  We need to have an overarching plan and need to continue to share ideas and resources and encourage each other.

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  1. Great questions and insights Liz! I think it is key to 'do' as in 'implement the ideas' and maybe the answer is to trial/pilot ideas that best suit your interests and your school's needs. Whilst the details may differ, I believe as a network, we are moving in the same general direction. However, planning is key, and what you said: "we must continue to share ideas and resources and encourage each other". That is what is lovely about this group :)