Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My One Year Plan

It is difficult when you are trying to project what you are going to be doing in a year's time.  There are so many variables involved and some of the things that I would like to develop are either co-dependent (one project relies on the success of another project) or some of the decision-making process is out of my hands.  Having said this, here goes ....

Those of you who are eagle-eyed will spot that the plan doesn't extend beyond the Spring Term.  This isn't an oversight.  I would like to spend the first two terms introducing new ideas and listening to the opinions of the focus group; evaluate and reflect over Easter 2015; perfect and refine during the Summer Term 2015.  This is still not a year - at least not a chronological year.  The remainder of the year, August - October 2015 will be taken up by developing the ideas of the focus group.  There would be little point in having one if I didn't take their ideas into account.  

How will I know if any of this is successful? More people will be engaged in the use and development of ICT in Lewis Girls' School.  More staff/ students/ parents/ governors will have received ICT training. More people will be voicing their opinions. There will be no parental complaints.


  1. Nice plan Liz! Well-balanced too.

  2. Some expert study said that 20% of the time of a project should be the planning stage- we rush through plans sometimes when there should be a long, adaptive and changing planning stage- so stopping in Spring is good to re-assess everything.

    No parental complaints? I would like to see that result!

  3. The parents won't complain if they don't engage. Which is worse - apathy or anger?

  4. Totally appreciate your view with regard to the plan not extending beyond Spring Term. While we aspire with our ideas, I still feel they are very much achievable. My take on this is to say to pupils 'let's go on a journey and explore together' although we may still end up with a product completely different to the one we set out to achieve.

  5. Nice idea - important to engage staff as well in ICT use, which might make your job easier!