Saturday, 18 October 2014

Task 2 - evaluating a digital framework

Digilit Leicester Project
Contrary to what we are trying to achieve in the Digital Leaders, the main focus of this project was on needs of the educators, not the learners. This approach seems somewhat myopic and old-fashioned. I'm not advocating that flipped classrooms are the answer in every situation, but we must be open to the idea that our pupils might (in some instances, at least) know better or more than we do. There was an undercurrent of back-covering in this presentation, and of ensuring that teachers aren't left obsolete or unprepared for the digital classroom.
Secondly, a key theme that technology must be used to supplement teaching and learning, and not be an end into itself.  Whilst this is a truism, it still bears repeating. There must be a wider theme of investigation and problem-solving in our lessons, and not just mere skills acquisition.

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